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Timeline of Scouting

1910Boy Scouts of America incorporated on February 8. Baden-Powell visits America to talk with leaders. President Taft becomes first honorary president of the BSA; Theodore Roosevelt first honorary vice-president.
1912Boys' Life magazine becomes official publication.
1918James E. West, Chief Scout Executive, secures the rights for the American printing of the British Wolf Cub's Handbook for sale to U.S. Wolf Cub packs.
1924The National Executive Board proposes "adoption of a younger boy program at the earliest date, should be kept entirely distinct from Scouting, should prepare for graduation into the Scout movement."
1927A portion of a Laura Spelman Rockefeller grant of $50,000 supports a research and development project on the younger boy program. Dr. Huber William Hurt named full-time executive for the committee.
1929The National Executive Board approves demonstration Cub units.
1930The National Executive Board approves the Cub program "controlled experiment" as of February 10. The board authorizes Cub packs to register with the BSA starting April 1. Uniforms for boys are issued ($6.05 complete) and 5,102 boys and 1,433 pack leaders in 243 packs are registered during the first year.
1932First Cubmaster's Pack Book andDen Chief's Den Book.
1933"Experimental" restrictions removed as of May 25th; Cubbing to be "aggressively promoted as a part of the Boy Scout program."
1936Registration of den mothers made "optional"; before this year, den mothers not permitted to register.
1937First Den Mother's Den Book.Cubmobile racer introduced.
1939Pow wows and roundtables begin in many councils.
1940Themes introduced into Cubbing.
1941Webelos rank created for 11-year-old boys with the Lion badge.
1942Boys allowed rank corresponding to age if late entry into the program (no need for catch-up).
1943In program literature, first reference by name to blue and gold banquet. Packs sell War Bonds and War Stamps.
1944Literature and uniform shortages due to wartime priorities. Packs collect grease, newspapers, and milkweed floss for the war effort. Many packs have Victory Garden programs.
1945"Cubbing" changed to "Cub Scouting."
1947Uniform revision: long trousers for boys.
1948All den mothers must register with the BSA (registration optional previously).
1949Age levels for Cub Scouting changed to 8, 9, and 10, with boys entering Boy Scouting at 11. At the end of the 20th year, for the first time Cub Scouting has more than a million boys registered at some time during the year, a 25 percent gain over the previous year.
1950Cub Scout Promise changed to add the line "to do my duty to God and my country."
1953First pinewood derby held in California.
1954Webelos den created for 10-year-old boys.
1955Pinewood derby becomes part of Cub Scout program. More than two million Cub Scouts are registered during the year for the first time.
1956Webelos day camp program introduced. First Cub Scouting books in Braille.
1957Increased emphasis on Cub Scouting for boys with disabilities.
1960Golden Jubilee of Scouting and 30th Anniversary of Cub Scouting in the United States.
1964National Summertime Pack Award created to encourage year-round Cub Scouting. Cub Scout Swim Plan introduced.
1965For the first time Cub Scouting breaks through the three-million mark for boys registered during the year.
1967Cub Scout advancement program overhauled. Lion rank discontinued in favor of new Webelos Scout program.
1968National Executive Board approves Cub Scout day camps. Membership fees increase to $2 for adults and $1 for boys.
1970Project SOAR (Save Our American Resources) launched throughout Scouting.
1971Cub Scout Promise drops "to be square"; adds "to help other people."
1972Cub Scouts account for 51 percent of BSA youth membership.
1974Cub Scout Bicycle Safety and Cub Scout Physical Fitness programs introduced.
1975Webelos-to-Scout transition program launched.
1976Women could now serve as Cubmasters and assistant Cubmasters.
1977Cub Scout program year changed to coincide with the school year.
1978Five ranks established in Cub Scouting: Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Arrow of Light Award.
1980Golden Jubilee of Cub Scouting in the United States. The 30 millionth Cub Scout since 1930 is registered. The first Cub Scout Action Books for boys in low-income, rural, and Hispanic areas.
1982The 75th Anniversary of World Scouting. Tiger Cubs BSA introduced at National Council meeting in Atlanta.
1984Extended camping approved for Webelos Scouts.
1985The 75th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. New Cub Scout Sports program.
1986Cub Scouting expands to serve all elementary school grades. Webelos program expands to two years to include fourth-grade and fifth-grade boys.
1987BSA Family program developed.
1988Webelos Woods introduced to aid in Webelos-to-Scout transition. Tiger Tracks introduced.
1989World Crest emblem approved for wear by all Scouts and Scouters.
1991Cub Scout Academics introduced. Ethics in Action program. It Happened to Me Youth Protection video. Guide to Safe Scoutingcreated.
1993Pack charters extend to include Tiger Cubs.
1994National Den Award introduced.
1995Tiger Mania. Tiger Cub groups become dens. Boys' Life creates Cub Scout edition.
1997Cub Scout Academics and Sports program opens to Tiger Cubs.
2000Pack family camping approved. "Climb on Safely" introduced to allow Cub Scouts to climb and rappel in a controlled environment.
2001Character Connections and Core Values introduced. Wood Badge for the 21st Century for all leaders in Scouting. Tiger Cub rank introduced.
2002Age-appropriate guidelines adopted. Leave No Trace Frontcountry Guidelines and Leave No Trace Award introduced.
2003Character Connections activities included as part of Cub Scout advancement requirements.
2004National "Good Turn for America" launched. 75th Anniversary Award and Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award introduced. A new Cub Scout Hispanic outreach initiative known as Soccer and Scouting is launched.
2005Cub Scouting celebrates its 75th Anniversary: "75 Years of Fun, Family, and Friends."