Quarantine Scavenger Hunt

posted Jul 23, 2020, 4:33 PM by Sharla Stewart
In between now and the end of summer vacation (8/16/20), complete missions to rack up points. There are three teams:

Lions and Tigers
Wolves and Bears
Webelos and AOL's

There are currently 32 missions available, but more may be added as the month goes on. Each team may complete each mission only once. Since each team can only complete each mission once, it’s possible that some players on the team will complete more missions than other teammates, and not all team members will have a chance to experience each mission. If a player sees that a mission is already completed, it is because another team member has already completed that mission for their team.

At the end of the contest, the team with the highest score will each win an engraved Cub Scout medal! Scouts should submit photographic or video evidence of completion through the app in order to receive credit.

Instructions for playing are below:

Download the GooseChase iOS or Android app.
Choose to play as a guest, or register for a personal account with a username & password of your choice.
Search for and select the Pack 1316 Quarantine Scavenger Hunt game, or search for game code 3K7XW1.
Follow the prompts to select or create your player profile. If prompted, the password for the game is "cubscoutsisawesome".